Imagine economic disparity as a competitive game.

Power Dynamics is the result of a three-day, intensive workshop.  Students were divided into teams, given postcards with random objects on them, and charged with designing and “building models of systems that demonstrate complexity and causality.” Our postcard had an image of an electrical power outlet. Power Dynamics is a board game that explores the complexity of power struggles and power dominance between first, second, and third world countries. The game is designed so that any player can win a round through strategic extractions of resource cubes in order to earn commodities.

  • APPLICATION: Critical reframing and empathy building through formulated play.
  • Activities: Concretization of Idea, Prototyping & Testing, Graphic Design, Fabrication & Construction of Board
  • Submitted to the New School's New Challenge Competition
  • Collaborators: Kelly Anderson, Andrea Coto, and Joe Wheeler, Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons the New School for Design, August 2014