Imagine waste as valuable objects.

Landfull is a speculative lens to examine constructed value systems. The value of an object is always in flux between appreciable, transient, and rubbish states. The objects we discard reveal more about our perceptions of value than those we choose to keep. Two practices of sorting and extracting are highlighted in Landfull, both transforming objects from waste to want. The pickers of the future, in their protective garments, glean for provision while the archeologists of the future, isolate artifacts to study social behaviors of the past. The ambiguity of time distorts the perception of the artifacts presented and our current value systems become dubious. Landfull is an example of critical design, which contends that seemingly naive ideas or futures have the capacity to inform our present conditions and therefore, inspire realistic solutions.

  • APPLICATION: Critical reframing of how people use and value everyday objects, services, and processes.
  • Activities: Project Narrative, Movie Editing, Costume Design, Exhibit Curation, Screenprint Diagrams
  • Featured in the How Things Don't Work - The Dreamspace of Victor Papanek Exhibition, Kellen Gallery, Fall 2014
  • Collaborators: Ashley Graham and Colleen Doyle, Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons the New School for Design, Spring 2014