Skill-learning as a community effort.

Jakarta Online is a study about how small and medium businesses in Jakarta, Indonesia can maintain a presence in an economy where online activity and technical skills are fairly new to such business owners. 

Challenge:  Indonesia is an emerging market where phones and internet access have become the center of daily life while current business channels exist mostly via foot traffic, referrals, and print.

Insight: Technological solutions cannot treat emerging markets as if they are fully developed ones. Along with the importance of mobile platforms for products and services, community and trust are essential to business success.

Outcome:  Jakarta Online is a case study in response to an existing business proposal. It is influenced by the models of coopetition (joining forces with competitors to achieve a common goal) and cobranding (to mutually enhance the credibility of an offer). The service is composed of a public directory, a private online forum, and an offline learning network that work toward the collective growth of small and medium businesses.

Methods: Design-led research, Market Research, Field Research, Design Workshops, Application Design, Product Design, Service Design, Civic Prototyping, Branding

Experience:  Features, insight, and criteria database and development; Function structure analysis; Business innovation analysis

Value:  Jakarta Online addresses the needs of individuals who do not have access to affordable technological services in order to preserve the viability of their businesses.

  • Design brief for Custom-Clouds, a product of Mercy Corps
  • Collaborators: Lauren Wong and June West, Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons the New School for Design, Fall 2013