IMAGINE: Artificial sweetener as a chemical (because it is a chemical).

The Artifical Tax Account is a short proposal for a service designed to discourage the consumption of artificial sweeteners. One of the most common artificial sweeteners in the market today is Equal. This product parallels the composition of the likes of bleach, a common yet dangerous household chemical. Artificial sweeteners like Equal have been linked to weight gain and cancer and some studies have highlighted its addictive qualities. In addition to discouraging the ingestion of artificial sweeteners, can the issue be better addressed by also discouraging the purchase of them? 

  • APPLICATION: Rapid reframing to inspire discussion for formalized solutions.
  • Research Paper, Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons the New School for Design, 2014

Equal - A juxtaposition of weight gain and cancer. {Screenprint on paper, Spring 2014}